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  • S Hamamda Université Constantine 1 (ex Mentouri )

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Dilatometry, DSC, TGA, Dilatométrie


The numerous studies conducted on the structure of CaFeO2.5 showed that the material undergoes a series of transformations based on temperature. The first one appears around 700 K and indicates the evolution of the phasemagnetic material to a paramagnetic phase. At about 970 K the structure of CaFeO2.5 changes from rhombohedral to centered structure. Finally, around 1180 K it undergoes the transition to a structure that has been described as incommensurate modulated structure. We have observed the behavior of the material beyond this temperature by dilatometry, DSC and TGA. The tests conducted on a single crystal CaFeO2.5 confirm the changes already observed.For the first time there was a dilatometric anomaly (confirmed by DSC and TGA) at 1310 K. This anomaly appears only in the crystallographic direction b which should probably be a  commensurate transformation of the material.

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T Labii, Université Constantine 1 (ex Mentouri )

Laboratoire Thermodynamique et Traitements de Surface des Matériaux

M Ceretti, Campus Scientifique de Beaulieu

Campus Scientifique de Beaulieu

A Boubertakh, Université Constantine 1 (ex Mentouri )

Laboratoire Thermodynamique et Traitements de Surface des Matériaux

W Paulus, Campus Scientifique de Beaulieu

Campus Scientifique de Beaulieu

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Laboratoire Thermodynamique et Traitements de Surface des Matériaux


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Labii, T., Ceretti, M., Boubertakh, A., Paulus, W., & Hamamda, S. (2011). PHASE TRANSITION OF CaFeO<sub>2.5</sub> AT HIGH TEMPERATURE. Sciences & Technologie. A, Sciences Exactes, (34), 29-34. Consulté à l’adresse




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