In this work a homemade dip coater was carried out and calibrated in the laboratory in order to prepare thin films using sol-gel process. This system allows a translation motion downwardly and upward with a controlled speed. The down and up positions are fixed using two proximity sensors.

A sample holder is immersed in a solution for a predetermined time and then is removed. The dipping speed, withdrawing speed and immersion time are controlled easily by the user in a wide range of choices. This dip coater works in automatic mode and it can be used manually.  The dipping and withdrawing speeds were identified to frequencies of the converter. The stability of the system was well demonstrated. The XRD characterization of zinc oxide thin films obtained by using this dip coater shows three strong peaks of ZnO respectively (101), (002) and (100). This low cost system has proved its robustness and reliability.


Automatic ; Frequency converter ; Motion control ; Dip coating ; ZnO thin films

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