Billel Ali Srihen, Jean Paul Yonnet, Malek Benslama


Antenna remote sensing deals with the extraction of object information from electromagnetic wave parameters. To fully exploit the potential for quantitative information acquisition, a detailed description of microwave diffusion is required. The research on this subject was mainly devoted to the far-field analysis which assumes an incident plane wave, calculates its scattered field and evaluates the radar cross section (RCS). However, under some practical conditions, far-field analysis is not valid and near-field analysis is required. In this paper, we have given a complete analysis of the near field of a corner structure due to an incident electric field from a linear source or a plane wave in the case of Gap Photonic Antennae. The far-field model, in the case of a linear source exciting the structure, is also analyzed. The interest of this study will structure the modeling process of the fields by having a clear vision of the near field which will bring a maximum of information in the process of remote sensing to help an accurate and correct decision-making.


Electromagnetic wave ; scattering ; structure ; Gap Photonic Antennae

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