The present work involves the prospects of the kinetics study for photocatalyticdecolorization of an azo dye (Alizarin yellow) in aqueous solution with TiO2 Degussa P25 as photocatalyst in slurry form using UV-A light at 365nm.The results showed that the adsorption of alizarin yellow on TiO2 P25 was found negligible and discoloration of this dye by TiO2/UV system is much faster than with direct UV photolysis. Additionally, the effects of various parameters such as initial dye concentration, catalyst dosage,H2O2 concentration, addition of alcohols and presence of inorganic salts on decolorization have been investigated. The removal rate of Alizarin yellow indicated an inverse dependence on the initial dye concentration. The optimal content of the catalyst was 1 g.L-1. The disappearance kinetics was strongly enhanced in the presence of electron acceptors such as H2O2.However,the presence in the reacting system of Cl-, SO42- (Addition of dye assisting chemicals such as Cl- and SO42-)inhibits the dye removal rate. The study of the effect of different type of TiO2 on the decolorization reveals the following order of efficiency: TiO2- P25> TiO2Tiona PC.


Alizarin yellow; hydrogen peroxide; photocatalysis; TiO2 Degussa P25

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