This work aims at evaluating the antioxydant activity taking count the content phenolics of the leave’s rosemary extracts (EBr, EAcOEt and En-BuOH), by the means of two methods: the β-carotene bleaching method and the DPPH assay. The analysis by HPLC revealed the presence of rutin and the catechin in the rosemary extracts. The results of β -
Carotene-linoleic acid assay have showed an inhibiting activity of oxidation of the linoleic acid for the whole of the extracts, the latter significantly remains lower than that of positive control BHT (P<0.001).The EAcOEt of rosemary showed the most important activity with a rate of inhibition equal to 79.34%. There is no significant correlation (R² = 0.313) between the total phenolic content and the antioxydant activity of rosemary extracts. The results of the DPPH assay showed that extracts: En-BuOH and EAcOEt of rosemary presented scavenging activity equal to 96.18%, 95.81%
respectively, which were even higher than that of the BHT (92.91%). The total polyphenolic content of rosemary extracts was correlated significantly (R² = 0.997) with their scavenging activity.


Rosemary; Phenolic compounds; flavonoids; HPLC; Antioxydant Activity

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