Copyright and Licensing Policy


For any work submitted to the Journal of Human Sciences, authors must complete and sign a copyright transfer form.

In order to ensure uniformity of treatment between all contributors, other forms cannot substitute to this form, and no part of the form can be modified. This form is for original material submitted to the journal of Human Sciences and should accompany any such material in order to be published.


By signing, the author (s) cedes to the University Freres Mentouri Constantine 1, represented by the " Journal of Human Sciences " all copyrights that may exist in and on the Work concerned and on any derivative work revised or extended, submitted to the journal of the Human Sciences by the author based on the Work, and any associated written, audio, and/or visual presentation or other enhancements accompanying the Work. The Author further warrants that the Work is original and that he/she is the author of the Work. The author (s) also guarantees that he/she has obtained all the necessary authorizations in the case where the Work incorporates passages of text, figures, data or other elements from the works of others.


The Journal of Human Sciences distributes its technical publications throughout the world and wants to ensure that the material submitted to its publications is properly available to the readership of these publications. Authors must ensure that their work meets the requirements of the Journal of Human Sciences, including provisions regarding originality, authorship, author's liability and author's fault. It is the responsibility of the authors, and not of the Journal of Human Sciences, to determine whether disclosure of their work requires the prior consent of other parties and, if so, the statements and opinions given in the work published by the Journal of Human Sciences are the expression of the authors.

  • In case the submitted work is not accepted and published by the journal of Human Sciences or is withdrawn by the author(s) prior to acceptance by the journal, the previous copyright transfer will become void and all information embodying work submitted to the Journal of Human Sciences will be destroyed.
  • For jointly created works, all co-authors must sign, or one of the authors must sign as authorized agent for the others.