As part of the evaluation of research performance, Constantine 1 University (ex: Mentouri University) saw the birth of its first two specialized journals (Science & Technology and Human Sciences) in June 1990; they will be published annually until 1998 when their edition has become semi-annual so far, without interruption.
The work is published in three (03) languages: Arabic, French and English.
Each article must include summaries written in the three languages ​​with their keywords.
The Science & Technology journal was multidisciplinary and covered all the specialties of Science and Technology. It then included five (05) sections appearing in the same number (manuscript):
1- Section A = Mathematics, Computer Science
2- Section B = Physics, Chemistry
3- Section C = Technology (Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry)
4- Section D = Natural and Life Sciences (Biology), Food industries, Medical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences.
5- Section E = Architecture, Civil engineering, Earth sciences, Planning
The Mentouri-Constantine University Review is a set of academic publications whose main objective is the presentation of university scientific research work and the sustainability of this review; hence the decision to create three separate sections (December 2003) instead of five:
• Section A: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
• Section B: Technology and Environment: Electronics, Electrical engineering,
Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Geophysics, Hydraulics, Civil Engineering.
• Section C: Natural and Life Sciences: Plant Biology, Animal Biology, Food Industries, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Veterinary Sciences, Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
• Social and Human Sciences have not been marginalized, however, and have retained their due place in the University's publications.
Finally, since 2007, a new section has been created. Section D: Earth Sciences, Geography, Geology, Architecture, Town Planning, Regional Planning.
The operation of putting journals online on the Internet began with CERIST in March 2003: www.webreview.dz
Currently, it is hosted on the Mentouri Constantine University website in the Journals and publications section: www.umc.edu.dz/