instructions to authors

I- Overview

The journal Human Sciences publishes in three languages: Arabic, French and English. Two abstracts must be provided, one in the language of the article, the other in Arabic if the article is written in another language, or in French (or English) if the article is written in Arabic.
Abstracts must not exceed 150 words. Unpublished articles are not returned to their authors.

II- Manuscrips

The articles submitted for publication (three copies) must not exceed 20 typewritten pages (tables, figures, graphs, bibliography, ... included) with a large margin to the left (3 cm), printed on 21 x 29 paper , 7 cm (A4) with interligne of good readability. Some flexibility is allowed to authors, but they should organize the text clearly in sections such as: Introduction, Experimental Details, Results, Discussion and Conclusion. The longer articles will be published by part in successive issues, each part being determined by the authors. Authors are kindly requested to accompany the summary of their articles with the most complete possible keywords.

In order to save time and respect deadlines for publication, it is recommended that authors take care of the complete capture of their article on a computer, and send it to the journal, after they have been informed. acceptance for publication, in the form of files on CD.ROM, which will be copied by the service.

However, since the final formatting of the article is done by P.A.O. (Computer Aided Publication), the authors are asked to avoid any formatting of their text. It will be necessary to avoid stylizing it.

III- Bibliography

The bibliographic references quoted in the text must include only the reference number in square brackets (ex .: [5]). If the name of the author appears in the text, it must be followed by the reference number. When the reference contains more than two authors, only the first is cited, followed by "and al".

For articles, the complete reference includes the names of the authors followed by the initials of their first names, the title of the article, the title of the periodical (in conformity with the abbreviations allowed), the volume, the number of the periodical, the year of publication and the relevant pages.

For the works, the reference must include the names of the authors followed by the initials of their first names, the complete title of the work, the volume, the volume, the first and the last page relating to the results discussed, the number of the edition if there are several, the name of the publisher, the place and the year of edition.

For scientific meetings (congresses, proceedings, ...), the reference includes the names of the authors followed by the initials of their first names, the title of the communication, the identification of the meeting, the place, the period and the pages concerned.

IV- Iconography

Tables, boards, charts, maps, photographs, etc. must be provided separately, inset. They must be presented on white sheets of A4 format, individually or in groups, and have underneath the words "table" or "figure" assigned a number.

The illustrations and figures must be clear, professionally made and adequate for reproduction: a 50% reduction, if any, must lead to a suitable size and thickness of characters for good readability. Moreover, for computer-generated figures, in order to maximize contrast, the use of a laser or inkjet printer is essential.

Legends assigned their numbers must be grouped in a separate page.

The final presentation of the article will be left to the discretion of the Editorial Board.